Joey Watson | Kait Arndt

2017 Resident Exit Show

Bredin-Lee Gallery 1729 McGee St, KCMO

Opening Reception Oct 27th, 5pm–9pm

Wednesday Oct 25th - Saturday Oct. 28th, 11am–6pm

First Friday Nov 3, 5pm–9pm

Joey Watson

My practice investigates ceremonial paraphernalia and the places and ways it functions. I'm interested in the supernatural potential that these objects represent and channel. Through invented ritual, I establish an environment and manner with which to engage my work. It's utilitarian but only within a designed space where special manners are practiced.


Kait Arndt

My work is organized and structured around the precepts of a grid. In their ideal form, grids are an arrangement of unified structures of perfect and equal dimension coming together to create a system of strength and order. Point by point, they have no flaws, they fulfill expectations of reliability, they are the embodiment of stability. While this preconceived form –universal and identifiable- is the foundation of my sculptures; my human hand, the pliable nature of my material, the volatile nature of change in its process allows the work to become something much more.


KC Clay Guild is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 200 West 74th Street, Kansas City, MO 64114

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