Teabowls not already chosen as Purchase Awards can be purchased for the price of the teabowl PLUS 25%.

Deadline for EARLY BUYOUTS is September 3rd.  Email Gallery@kcclayguild.org to reserve your teabowls.

2019 Juror: Pete Pinnell

Congratulations to the accepted potters!

Christopher Kinney, Louis Reilly, Marian Baker, Michael Simmons, Hadi Abbas, Devin Ball, Angel Brame, Martha Brody, Julie Burstein, Shawn Cash, Julie Devers, Nathan Goddard, Steven Hill, Nicholas Marchi, Taylor Mezo, Sean Scott, Rachel Akin, Broc Allen, Meg Beaudoin, Eve Behar, Shannon Blakey, Bekah Bliss, Rob Boryk, Paula Cosentino, Scott Day, Scott Dooley, Rod Dugal, Eileen Egan, Rostislav Eismont, Keith Ekstam, Sarah German, Haddie Hadacheck, Michael Hall, Amy Henson, Greg Holmes, Tom Jennison, Robert Johnson, Shikha Joshi, Virginia Keating, Alice Klaas, Austin Lindsay, Lee Love, Jessie Kristy, Philip Matthews, Paul McCoy, Brooke Millecchia, Chuck Pate, Brandon Pena, Layne Peters, Bob Petersen, John Preus, Bob Reiberg, Mat Rude, Scott Stuhldreher, Lynn Anne Verbeck, Jacob Vinson, Josh Wood, Lisa Zolandz

Opening Reception on October 4th, 5-9

juror talk with Pete Pinnell - juror talk at 6pm

Bredin-Lee Gallery, 1729 McGee, Kansas City, Missouri

[email Gallery@kcclayguild.org for info regarding how to purchase

a teabowl if you are outside the Kansas City area]

Pete Pinnell, A Two Day Workshop in Conjunction with Teabowl National

KC Clay Guild is happy to present this workshop at no cost!

Click here to register! Member-only registration open 8/16-8/23, public registration open 8/23-10/4.

KC Clay Guild is honored to have Pete Pinnell, potter and professor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln jury the 2019 KC Clay Guild Teabowl National exhibition. Pete was the first juror of the show and he is back for the 10th anniversary of the show!

This two day workshop (October 5 and 6 from 9am-4pm each day with a break for lunch) will feature lectures in the morning ("The Art of Drinking" and "Hold it Right There") followed by demonstrations of Pete's pottery forming techniques.

We hope that the lectures in the morning will spark inquiry and conversation during the demonstrations.

To celebrate the 10th KC Clay Guild Teabowl National exhibition, we are happy to offer this two day workshop at no cost. Advance registration is required as we have a limited amount of space. 

Donations to KC Clay guild (a 501(c)3 non-profit) can be made if you would like to help offset the costs involved with holding a workshop like this. Click here to donate online!

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