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April Soda Firing

  • 24 Apr 2019


Registration is closed

Open Studio Soda Firing, April 24th, 2019

Pieces must be dropped off by April 22nd, 2019

-pieces must be boxed (we usually have extra clay boxes available)

-please label the box with your name

Please read the following carefully before registering:

Space in the kiln will be sold by the shelf.  Each shelf of the kiln is roughly 12"x24"x7". For example, this is enough space for roughly 10 mugs. Pieces in a soda kiln have to be spaced somewhat far apart, so this shelf space will fill quickly. Tall pieces will be fired on their side unless glazed or noted otherwise.

The cost of a shelf in the kiln is $35.  

Participants in the firing have the option of using Louis Reilly's custom soda fire clay body (available from the monitor for $25 per 25 pounds) or can use their normal cone 10 stoneware or porcelain.

Pieces made from the soda fire clay will only need to be glazed on the inside of the pot.

Pieces made from porcelain, B-Mix, or stoneware could be left bare on the outside of the pot or glazed on the outside of the pot. Results will vary, will typically be quite shiny and might have some interesting colors.

Glazes change a lot in the soda kiln. Celadon, shino, chun, and tenmoku are the glazes that will do the best in the kiln.

You may register for more than one shelf by adding a 'guest' to your registration.

All of the pieces will be distributed throughout the kiln - we won't be putting all of your work on the same shelf. Doing this makes sure that all of your pots don't turn out the same or end up on a shelf in the kiln that doesn't turn out well. 

We will do our best to get great results on this firing. Not every piece will turn out perfectly, this is the nature of soda firing. If you have pieces that you want to be fired again, you will have to pay for another shelf in an upcoming firing.

This is no guarantee that all of the work that you drop off will make it into the firing. If you have extra pieces, you will have to register for a shelf for the next firing.

The cost of this firing is based on the labor involved in loading, firing, unloading and cleaning up each firing. The $35 per shelf price is in line with other organizations that provide soda firing services. 

Do not hesitate to ask us any questions about the firing:


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